Operation New Uniform® offers training and skills-based learning specifically designed for veterans and their families who are unemployed or underemployed. We do this through two unique programs: Finding the Uniform and Enhancing the Uniform. Each program is built with corporate and professional development training modules, often absent or misunderstood by the veteran population.

Finding the Uniform targets veterans who are unemployed or soon to separate/retire from the military and are searching for a new uniform. This comprehensive training program takes veterans through an in-depth system that starts with having the right attitude and focuses on successful behaviors and refined techniques applicable to a career search. The program escalates through reinforcement until the final lesson when they will stand before area human resource representatives and senior executives ready to apply their skills and wear a new uniform they can be proud of.

Enhancing the Uniform deploys the resources of the business community, opens doors to educational institutions and leverages the infrastructure of the surrounding municipalities. This program removes the barriers between the veterans, their families, and the variety of skills and resources available to them throughout their communities. Enhancing the Uniform assesses the needs of the individual and strategically pairs them with opportunities aligned with our mission.

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